Welcome to the Bitebank Blog!

We are excited to introduce our very own corporate blog! Please….don’t think of this section of our websites as some sort of rigid, intra-corporate realm where only the techies and geeks can play. This blog is meant to interact with and engage the dental community, and to show everyone what we are up to here at Planet Bitebank. It is also going to be a great tool for our own team to share knowledge and think through ideas. It will be an active part of what we do day in and day out.

Given Bitebank’s special focus on dental websites and all things Internet, we figured that we needed a place where we could let down our hair, not feel constrained by our own brand’s greatness, and where we could talk ‘tech’, dentistry, or the latest and greatest in golf gadgetry (seriously! who hasn’t thought about a solution for lost golf balls in the woods? Golf Ball Positioning System!).

So subscribe to the feed and have a look around the site–there will be a few new things tucked in here and there.

-The Team at Bitebank Websites

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