What’s in a name? Introducing Bitebank Websites.









The most frequent response whenever the Bitebank Website application is first introduced to a dentist is “Bite…What?” or “You from a bank? I already have a bank! I don’t need any more credit cards!

No Doctor…we’re not that kind of bank.:) What we are is a very innovative, easy to use, web-based application that allows anyone to create, manage and control their online presence with a professionally branded website. Our co-founder, a dentist, thought the name best described our philosophy to provide dentists with a bank of dental web design choices. The prefix bite, instead of the techno byte, was just his way of injecting a little nuanced humour for his colleagues. Plus, it kinda sounded cool…if you said it over and over to yourself…5 or 10 times! Bite-Bank…Bitebank….Bitebank!


Once we get through some of the phonetic challenges, and before we start with an introduction to the actual application itself, the usual follow up question to the origins of the name is most often, “So? What makes Bitebank such a great website solution for dentists over other offerings that are out there?“. Well, given that we know how busy the dentist is (treating patients, running a business, managing staff, etc.) we decide that we should simply highlight the main points. Here are a few candid bullets that top line some of our key differentiators:


1. Our CEO and Co-Founder is a practicing dentist, albeit one that has OCD…a.k.a Obsessive Computer Disorder…which essentially means that he’s been immersed in online technology since 1997. He understands you and your needs.


2. Our system offers dentists control of their websites, more so than any other service offering out there. Bitebank offers a virtual management control panel (CP). All dental websites that are hosted with us can be controlled directly by their owner (…but we do understand how busy dentists are, so we’re happy to manage everything for you!).


3. Our management Control Panel provides a simple mechanism to instantly update and instantly publish your website changes. Nobody can claim that feature. You can change the design and style of your website every other day if you like!


4. Editable, flash-banner technology on your website that becomes a great place to display key messages about your practice offerings or specials. Again, this one’s a first in the industry…yup! a patent-pending kind of idea.


5. Built-in e-Newsletter feature….now you can create and send timely newsletters via e-mail to your patients….save trees, look green, and build brand loyalty. This feature alone is a worth the price of admission.


6. Free domain name registration or free transfer from your existing domain registrar or host.


7. Our designs are NOT cookie cutter. You can even have a custom design created just for you, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.


8. We don’t limit you on the size of your website; you can make it as big as you want, as many pages as you like, at no additional cost.


9. Our Customer Service is second to none. We are always getting compliments from both office managers and dentists as to the speed and politeness of our support agents.


10. We offer all the latest ‘net lingo’ of services claimed by competition, that will help drive qualified traffic to your website. That includes Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click such as Google Adwords™, as well as setting up your Social Networking sites on Facebook™ and Twitter™.


11. We are the ONLY website service for dentists that actually display our prices and features openly and publicly on our website. Our competitors, who do not display pricing, are too busy leading dentists in, and then aggressively misleading and up selling them on overpriced features…which takes us back to point number one:)….i.e. our CEO and co-founder, a practicing dentist, is NOT going to play the game of ripping off his colleagues just because they are uneducated about how things work in establishing their dental websites.

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