Why does a dentist need a website?

Simply put, it’s cheaper than any other form of advertising and it displays a lot more information than any other form of media.

Besides being a cost effective showcase to overview practice location(s), hours of operation, services and dentist/staff bio, a dental website gives your referring and prospective new patients a way to learn about, and interact with, your practice. After speaking with our dentists, we’ve identified three main advantages gained by having a 

A Fair Shake for Dentists



Ever get the feeling that the cost to setup and maintain your website just went up in price because of your net worth? How often have you ‘dressed down’ when making a significant purchase, just so you wouldn’t have a sales person let your profession get in the way of your ability to get a fair price? Our findings? Same phenomenon when it comes to dentists seeking a dental website.

Multi-Media Dental Websites…right at your fingertips!

Release of Bitebank Websites V 1.2


It wasn’t so long ago that a dentist (unless they knew programming) would have to contact their webmaster (or the kid next door who made their website) in order to add any updates or changes to their site.


Now you can bring things of interest to your website quickly and easily, when you want!