A Fair Shake for Dentists



Ever get the feeling that the cost to setup and maintain your website just went up in price because of your net worth? How often have you ‘dressed down’ when making a significant purchase, just so you wouldn’t have a sales person let your profession get in the way of your ability to get a fair price? Our findings? Same phenomenon when it comes to dentists seeking a dental website.

The higher income associated with being a dentist, plus the general time-constraints associated with running a practice, appear to make dentists (as a profession) ‘easy pickings’ for web design firms that pitch to professionals. Inflated setup fees and monthly terms for services that far exceed the industry going-rates are the norm amongst some of the known brands that are selling websites to dentists. Well no more! There is no need to hide behind no-name clothing, looking like a lumberjack ‘a la Heathcliff Huxtable’, just to get a fair shake on a website purchase. [NB. Dr. Huxtable buying a car…starts at the 50 second mark:)]

When Bill Cosby ‘dressed down’ to improve his positioning in negotiating a deal for a new family car, it got us to thinking…this is exactly how dentists must feel when they have to navigate putting up and maintaining their practice website. It comes down to them having to make a purchase for which they are not familiar with the service, at all. Now, this is where some would take advantage of their lack of knowledge, and increase the margins based on an ‘illiterate’ market of dentists.

We decided to fight back and demystify the website process. We reduced the time and workload for the dentist by creating our own content library (sites are 99% ready to go, just add doctor and staff info and you are live). Secondly, we provide the ability for immediate, anytime, anywhere multi-media updates and content on all our dentist websites. These updates can take place from the comfort of any environment.

So that’s what we did….we felt the best way to give dentists a fair shake on their online marketing spend is to actually build something that gives them freedom, flexibility, and is transparent about its pricing.

Refreshing, no?

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