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Release of Bitebank Websites V 1.2


It wasn’t so long ago that a dentist (unless they knew programming) would have to contact their webmaster (or the kid next door who made their website) in order to add any updates or changes to their site.


Now you can bring things of interest to your website quickly and easily, when you want!

Or how about this one?


Yup, all too familiar conundrum when you’re a dentist and you need changes to your website.


No need to ‘Fear the Webmaster’ any longer, thanks to Bitebank Websites. We’ve just made the latest version (V 1.2) of our application even slicker.


Not only can you change the written content, but now, with just a few clicks you can just as easily add pictures and videos to your website pages too!


Imagine how engaging your website blog or services section could be with pictures of your choosing.


Demonstrate complex dental treatments with online YouTube videos. There are literally millions of free online videos associated with all things dental.

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