Why does a dentist need a website?

Simply put, it’s cheaper than any other form of advertising and it displays a lot more information than any other form of media.

Besides being a cost effective showcase to overview practice location(s), hours of operation, services and dentist/staff bio, a dental website gives your referring and prospective new patients a way to learn about, and interact with, your practice. After speaking with our dentists, we’ve identified three main advantages gained by having a practice website:

1. Internal and External Branding. A web address is a simple and compelling way to brand your practice, allowing your referring patients to easily pass along more information about your practice with just your domain name. Let those nice patients that speak volumes about your practice refer friends and colleagues to your website. It’s the perfect way to have them begin the introduction to your practice long before prospective patients decide to pick up the phone. Branded e-mails for your practice communications along with your domain name and website can leverage today’s modern methods of communication using well known Social Networking sites like Facebook™, Twitter™, MySpace™, or Linked In™.

2.Online Search. More and more people use the Internet to search for information and services. Fact. Even the venerable old Yellow Pages™ (YP) has seen the future…and it is online. That’s why they now buy up huge segments of Adword (aka. keyword) space on search engines such a Google™. Today, your practice needs to be online if you wish to be found by a growing segment of the population. To many prospective patients, if a dentist is not online, he/she does not exist.

3. Patient Education. In order to facilitate patient case acceptance and new patients coming through the door, websites need to provide answers to questions, in a manner that is both engaging and easy to navigate. Features such as 3-D graphics, fully editable pre-filled content, streaming Patient Education Videos, a Smile Gallery of your before and after photos, as well as an office gallery of your practice are just some of the features that you would wish to consider for your dental website. The more your website is able to educate your existing and prospective patients about comprehensive treatment options, the more informed they will be, and the more educated they are in the choices that you are presenting. At the end of the day, informed consent is your best method against patients’ misunderstanding their treatment options, and acceptance of the best that Dentistry has to offer.

Today, there are limited options for dentists to get online in a quick, easy and cost effective manner. Dentists routinely end up spending thousands of dollars having a website built from scratch, ultimately possessing no control or ability to change their design or content (unless they are willing to pay for even more design and programming). Bitebank Websites (www.bitebankwebsites.com) is an online website management tool strictly for dentists that streamlines the website creation process. It also provides dentists the flexibility to change and/or update their sites as often as they like, without any knowledge of programming required. Publish a new site instantly with the click of a button!

Beautiful, professional designs, cutting edge technology, total control….yup, sounds like it was made for a dentist!:)

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