How to Deal with Negative Patient Comments on Public Forums


So you’re debating whether you should get a website or update your old one. Well, consider this. Online marketing has become an essential part of marketing your practice. So, whether you feel that a website is going to enhance your new patient flow or not, the fact remains that the Internet is now a global forum for reviews and opinions (,,,…to name a few).

So, how are you going to remove a negative experience from a supposed patient on one of these sites?  Well, you

The Importance of a Web Presence for Dentists


One of the main reasons for the success of many businesses and practices is their online presence. Nearly every professional today has some form of Web presence, and it’s important not to be left behind. Long gone are the days where “word of mouth” was all you needed to rely on for your practice to grow and there are many reasons today why most dentists have chosen to invest in their Web presence.

A strong online presence increases a dentist’s or dental practice’s credibility. Many people in need of dental care are

ProDrive Systems Performance Handpiece

The last 10 years has seen the standard of care in dentistry elevated with many technological innovations, from rotary instrumentation and microscopy in endodontics to digital impressions and Cerec in restorative dentistry. However, the one area that has remained effectively the same has been the air turbine high speed hand piece….until now! The high speed hand piece is one of the most important of tools to the restorative dentist that has now seen a major technical breakthrough in the turbine and bur locking system proven to improve the performance of your high-

Save as WWF, Save a Tree!

What a novel idea! We’re always talking about paperless processes here at Bitebank Websites. We’ve spoken to countless dentists that are seeking information on how to have their offices to go paperless. Now, in our organization, we’re fully paperless (with the exception of any point of sale materials for things like trade shows). Everything else is saved as a PDF. But, as the message from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) states:

“Every day, entire forests are cut down to make paper. Paper that’s senselessly used to print out