ProDrive Systems Performance Handpiece

The last 10 years has seen the standard of care in dentistry elevated with many technological innovations, from rotary instrumentation and microscopy in endodontics to digital impressions and Cerec in restorative dentistry. However, the one area that has remained effectively the same has been the air turbine high speed hand piece….until now! The high speed hand piece is one of the most important of tools to the restorative dentist that has now seen a major technical breakthrough in the turbine and bur locking system proven to improve the performance of your high-speed handpieces.

A paradigm shift in the fundamentals behind air turbine technology are at the forefront of the ProDrive System. Invented by visionary dentist, Dr. Derek J.M. Turner of Ottawa (Canada), the ProDrive System enhances cutting efficiency, allowing for smoother, cleaner preparations, which are a must in today’s Cerec practices. The advent of intra oral digital impression systems will be a further impetus to improved cutting efficiency and preparation quality.

Enjoy this short video to learn more about this innovative technology.

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