Bitebank Websites Alert: Domain Registry of Canada Scam

Domain Registry of Canada- Official Looking Letter to Mislead Customers

Bitebank Websites Customer Alert

It has come to our attention that some Bitebank Website customers have received a letter from the Domain Registry of Canada (, asking them to renew their domain names. Although this document may look official, it is not.  We urge you to ignore all correspondence from this company.

Still Don’t Think Your Dental Practice Needs a Social Presence?

Take a look at the Social Media Revolution 2 video to get a clearer understanding of what it means to be online.  Dental practices need to look at this video to understand the implications of online peer recommendations…because that’s become the new norm for referrals to judge your dental practice and whether they want to book an appointment with you.  Having your own dental website with testimonials and having a Social Networking plan for your practice are keys to maintaining a positive online presence.

New Device to Cancel the Noise of the Dental Drill

Researchers at King’s College London, Brunel University, and London South Bank University have pioneered an invention that could remove one of the main factors in many cases of dental phobia- the noise of the drill!

The inventors have developed an innovative device which cancels out the noise of the dental drill, a development that could end the anxiety associated with many patients’ fears associated with a trip to the dentist. Its widely accepted in dental research circles that the sound of the drill is one of the prime causes of anxiety linked with dental

Purchasing A Dental Practice In North America


Purchasing your own dental practice is something that the majority of dentists aspire to in North America. However, as dental schools are focused on the clinical elements of dentistry, it’s best to consider working as an associate for a couple of years to understand the business aspect of running a dental office. Once you’ve gained enough experience and feel confident to setup your own practice, there are a few things that you may wish to consider.

Buying An Existing Practice In Canada or the USA

A Well Designed Website for your Practice Growth


As a dentist, your goal is to run a successful dental practice with the highest degree of professionalism. It’s therefore imperative that you stay in touch with current and prevailing trends and reach out to your existing and potential patients via your online presence. A dental website will teach your patients about you, your practice, and will enhance your credibility.

But a static website on its own isn’t enough. As a dentist, you are a qualified professional with a high degree of ethics,