Bitebank Websites Alert: Domain Registry of Canada Scam

Domain Registry of Canada- Official Looking Letter to Mislead Customers

Bitebank Websites Customer Alert

It has come to our attention that some Bitebank Website customers have received a letter from the Domain Registry of Canada (, asking them to renew their domain names. Although this document may look official, it is not.  We urge you to ignore all correspondence from this company.

This company has recently had its .ca registrar status revoked by CIRA (the Canadian Internet Registration Authority). Complaints presented to CIRA, and further presented in its court documents, claim that the advertisements closely resemble invoices. Other domain registrars have also warned their customers about the mailings. CIRA calls these sort of practices “domain slamming.”

Please do not send any money to the Domain Registry of Canada – this is a misleading form of advertising designed to convince you to switch your domain registrar. If you have registered your domain name with Bitebank Websites, you will not have to pay money to any other company to preserve that name.

You can also learn more about DROC’s practices here:

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