Tips for Building a Successful Dental Website


Today, dentist knows the importance of having a website for marketing purposes to attract new patients (Read The Importance of a Web Presence for Dentists). The old method of promoting your practice in the phone book is a tactic from the past. Creating a website that is easy to navigate and positively reflects your brand is a daunting task. The following points can assist you in developing the perfect dental website:

1. Introduction: A biography allows you to introduce yourself to prospective patients by listing your accreditations,

experience and personal views. You can also choose to list a biography for every staff member depending on the size of your dental practice.

2. Specialization: Your specialization should appear in a visible location on the homepage so that patients can easily find it.

3. Gallery: This space can be utilized to post photos of your practice facility and showcase before and after photos of your work. Though photographs you can give a positive first impression of your office and services to all who visit your site.

4. Testimonials: Positive reviews from a satisfied patients are a great addition to your site. These can be displayed in a testimonial section of your site where visitors can view previous reviews as well as submit their own. I would suggest an approval process be instated where the reviews are sent to the dentist for review prior to having them posted on your live site. This will avoid any disgruntled reviews or SPAM being posted on your website (Read How to Deal with Negative Patient Comments on Public Forums).

5. Online Appointment Request: This feature allows patients to request an appointment by completing a form that is built into your site. The receptionist would receive these requests via e-mail and call the patient to confirm the appointment or to suggest an alternate time.

6. Patient Education: You can utilize this section with your patients in the office to assist in procedure explanation etc. or patients can use as an informational tool from the comfort of their home. Creating all of the material to populate an educational library could be very time consuming. Be sure to find out if the website provider you’ve chosen has a copywriter on staff to assist you or has pre-populated content included in the site.

7. Contact Us: A contact page should include office hours, phone number, e-mail address and location details. An interactive map is a great addition to this page so that patients can enter their address and source directions to your practice.

8. Payment options: A list of payment options accepted at your practice is helpful to ensure the patient is prepared upon their visit. Eg. Cash, Debit, VISA, AMEX

9. A Dental blog: A blog is a great way to interact with your clients. By writing short articles about your interests and practice updates you patients will stay informed and have the opportunity to send comments and questions directly to you.

10. E-Newsletters: This is a green way to keep your patients informed of promotions and discounts by providing a newsletter that can be easily shared with friends and family of your patients.

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