SEO for Your Dental Website

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN have become the most important elements of the Internet and the primary tools for research by Internet users. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best method for enhancing the effectiveness of search engines.

SEO can be briefly defined as: the process of maintaining the visibility of a website by positioning it near, or at, the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) using keywords and relevant content. Although Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also an effective way to increase your online visibility through related keywords, it is somewhat limited on its own and works best when balanced with SEO.

Useful and compelling content is crucial when seeking online exposure in specific professions such as dentistry. More than merely looking for a practicing dentist in the community, people are expecting detailed information regarding the services that the dentist provides. Blogs provide an informal means of two-way communication with patients and are an excellent way for you to understand their needs.

Article marketing is an SEO practice in which you can publish articles related to your practice that includes a byline about the services you offer. Articles that are well-researched, informative and compelling are viewed much more often and result in much more exposure for your practice.

It is well known that SEO is only effective with quality content. Unscrupulous SEO methods, known as Black Hat SEO practices, resort to non-existent keyword stuffing, irrelevant back links and uninformative content. Black Hat SEO practices almost never see long-term benefits because, although users will visit those websites, they will deem them useless and will not take them seriously in the future.

Search engines have, over the years, modified web crawlers to identify and halt Black Hat SEO practices. If the content on your website is lacking, users will flag it and warn others that it is not informative and, eventually, search engines will not register it.

As the crowdedness of the Internet grows, it becomes much more difficult to be visible on Internet search engines. The expert SEO professionals at Bitebank Websites understand complex search engine technology and will help make your dental website and effective tool in growing your practice.

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