Tips for Easing Patient Fears

A visit to the dentist is a common fear of many patients. Most people associate a trip to the dentist with pain or discomfort. As a result, some patients may see a dentist less often than is recommended. Below are some tips that may ease such fears.

Be punctual
The longer a patient waits, the more nervous and anxious that patient will become. If you find yourself falling behind schedule, it is best to let the patient know. Punctuality shows that you are professional, trustworthy and that you care.

Be honest
Avoid withholding any unpleasant information from a patient. Full disclosure is the best option you have as a professional and it will benefit your patients, as well as your practice

Be patient
Allow your patients to adjust to and to become comfortable with your office. Make sure that everything is fine; take frequent breaks if needed. By doing so, you will greatly help your patient get through lengthy procedures.

Be communicative
Talking is an effective way to soothe anxiety and makes your patients feel more comfortable. An informal chat regarding anything from the weather, to a recent film, will calm your patient and make the procedure much more pleasant.

Be respectful of the patient’s opinion
Respect the patient’s opinion and show that their approval and feedback are important to you.

Be encouraging
Patients appreciate the approval of a respected professional and like to know that they have made progress. Present small rewards to those taking proper care of their teeth and always remember to show encouragement.

Do everything you can to make your patient comfortable. Your sincerity and sensitivity are your greatest assets in soothing the fears of your patients.

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