Ten Ways To Impress Your Patients

Here are ten ways that a dentist can impress and exceed the expectations of their patients.

1) Be aware of anxiety related to pain
Understandably, this is the most important factor for a majority of dental patients. Although pain or discomfort is an unavoidable reality in many procedures, a successful dentist needs to understand and soothe anxieties related to pain.

2) Be sensitive toward the environment
Patients admire a dentist’s sensitivity toward the environment.
By going paperless, you can not only virtually eliminate paper for printing and promote yourself as ‘eco-friendly’, but you can improve office efficiencies.

3) Take pride in your well managed office and staff
Patients expect a professional and helpful staff. Careless mistakes and impoliteness are unacceptable characteristics in any successful practice. Take great care when hiring staff and teach them to cope properly and appropriately in any stressful situation.

4) Display the important of sterilization of your office
High standards of equipment sterilization, as well as cleanliness and professional presentation of your staff, are all greatly appreciated by patients.

5) Keep an open line of communication
Maintaining an open line of communication with patients will help strengthen trust, making all visits as pleasant as possible. A positive and relaxed relationship with patients will soothe their anxieties and make future visits to your office much more agreeable.

6) Continue to give advice
Your professional expertise is very valuable and will educate and instill trust in your patients.

7) Being open and honest with patients
Patients appreciate full disclosure when considering their treatment options. By being informative about treatment costs and risks, you can prevent any unpleasant patient experience or misunderstandings.

8) Have an entertaining waiting room
Many patients may appreciate a television over magazines in your waiting room, and with the plethora of personal smart phones and tablets, having a free Wi-Fi connection available to your patients in the waiting room can also reduce patient anxiety by providing a welcome distraction.

9)  Try to complete procedures within a single visit
If possible, try to complete procedures within a single visit. It will save time for both you and your patients.

10) Improve your online presence
Internet savvy patients will find it quite convenient to request appointments online. Take advantage of Bitebank Websites’ special promotion: $999 off the setup fee on a one-year pre-paid Master Plan.

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Melis says:

Great advice! I would add a nice little trick to that list. Use online intake forms instead of making patients fill out paper forms. There a couple of very good tools out there that are cheap and can make you a huge difference in clients perception.