The Bitebank Patient Education Library

The Bitebank Patient Education Library is rich with content that features information about procedures, techniques, definitions, services, images, and videos. This information not only provides your patients a trusted resource to educate themselves, but can help them to understand simple to complex treatment plans that may require multiple treatment options. The resources of the Library are available to our dentists to add to their websites, providing anxious patients a chance to understand their oral health issues they may be facing, or to prepare them for a procedure that they may soon be undergoing in your practice.

Bitebank offers its basic patient education content in every plan to make sure this valued information reaches your patients through your website. The multilingual content provides every dentist with the base line from which to add, modify, or to create more unique content, rather than starting from scratch (which ultimately is the hardest and most time consuming part of creating a website for any busy practitioner). With our easy to use content editor, its as simple as adding your own information to modify or expand upon the content that is already provided. So, its easy to get your site up live, quickly, with full-site content.

Customizing that content to your practice specifics will help you have better ranking in search engines. The Bitebank content editor also gives you easy fields in which to change the meta information that is hidden on each website page, information that is used by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! to help index your website.

Our dental video offerings are also available as a multi-media option to help educate your patients on the procedures that you are offering. This is a more exclusive feature in the Master Plan, but is available as an option on any other plan. The videos are excellent multi-media visual aids, with lifelike animations and demonstrations of procedures and oral health maintenance techniques. Using a tablet device or a computer in the operatory, you can access your own website to show patients a particular video of a procedure from the comfort of the dental chair. An educated patient makes it easier for them to understand and accept comprehensive dental treatments that may otherwise take far more time to explain.

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