Did you know your online presence can be improved in 5 easy steps.


At Bitebank Websites we are specialists in building custom dental websites and know the importance of dentists having a unique online presence.

Below are some ways to help increase and bring awareness to your dental website.

1.      Get some unique content: Unique, well written content is essential to help bring credibility to your practice; it shows that you are well prepared, educated, trustworthy and current. Search engines also love unique content. Be sure to use keywords that are not only appropriately placed within your content, but relevant to the topics and services for which you want your practice to become known. By making sure that you have relevant content, you will help to maximize search engine optimization, thereby drawing more people to your custom dental website.

2.      Communication: Are you the friend that only calls once in a while? Or the one that is always interested in how people are doing?  Sending out newsletters, keeping your Facebook and twitter accounts updated with relevant and fun information will help keep your patients interested and involved with your practice. These communication and social networking activities will also help with search engine optimization. The more your practice is out there, the more optimized it will be. Blogs are also an excellent way to draw attention with video posts, fun shares and interesting facts.

3.      Unique offers: Advertise and promote specials to your customers regularly to keep them interested in extra services offered like teeth whitening, massage, manicures, and Botox. You’d be surprised how a little extra service goes a long way to establishing good word of mouth marketing.

4.      Branding: Make sure your site and practice are coordinated. Just like mismatched socks, people could get the wrong impression if your clinic has one image and your dental clinic website is completely different. Having your website, social networking, newsletters and practice match, can go a long way and its proof that you take care of all aspects of your business and make sure that you stand out in the best possible way. Attention to detail is extremely important in this regard.

5.      Recognition: Have your patients leave testimonials or reviews online for your practice. Enhance your website with rave reviews, video testimonials and stunning before and after photos of your work.

These 5 simple steps will help enhance your dental website. Do one or do all 5, just make sure you are consistent and clear about your methods. Involve your staff in your plans as well. No one knows your dental practice better than your staff. Upon taking the recommended steps mentioned above, you’ll notice how these simple things can greatly impact on the decision a potential patient will make to visit your practice for their dental work.
If you haven’t already taken the steps to update your online presence, get started with Bitebank Websites your solution for a Custom Dental Website.

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