How often should you write unique content?

Needless to say, we are flooded with tons of information every single day. With the growth of the internet and smartphone devices, today it’s easier than ever for information to be disseminated and consumed at any time. The big question to keep in mind when elaborating a goal while building your dental website should be: How to make sure that your information is out there and reaching your intended audience? How do I rank higher than my competitors and deliver more meaningful information to new and existing patients?

Changing your website content every single week for the sake of unique content and higher search engine ranking can be quite a hassle. A blog, is a fantastic solution in terms of getting new and original content out there on a weekly basis.

Through Bitebank Websites you can have your Dental Blog separated into different categories such as Dental Tips, Promotions, Clinic Announcements, Events and so on. Bitebank makes it easy for you to Add, Edit and Delete posts from your blog through our award winning Dental Website platform. Try enabling your blog and start posting weekly information about your clinic.

Note: you can also use the same blog posts and repost them into your Social Network pages such as Facebook or Google+.  Try posting a blog every week or every other week on your dental website in order to make sure you can create a following and drive more traffic to your website. If you still don’t have a blog or website for your dental clinic, what are you waiting for!? As you are sitting there reading this, your competition might already be online blogging! Whether you are a new or existing client, feel free to call us to and we will help answer any web related questions you may have.  1 (888) 575-7932. Bitebank Websites – It Starts Here!