Are You Scheduling Efficiently In 2014?

The vital step to maximize time!

Once the dentistry is accepted and there is a signed financial agreement, the scheduling can occur.  One of the biggest challenges we see practices dealing with on a daily basis is how to effectively schedule to maximize the time and efficiency of procedures, while decreasing operator fatigue and enhancing patient comfort.

A common habit is to just fill the blanks with as many patients as you can; squeeze in the last minute emergency patients and guess at how much time is needed for procedures, while hoping the dentist will be able to check 1-3 hygiene patients an hour.

This lack of planning and engineering of the schedule causes high stress, low productivity, decreased dollar per hour and serious time management issues for patients. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Survive or Thrive?

The choice is yours!!

January is the time of year to ask the following question about year over year status. Are you on a decline that won’t seem to stop? Is the practice surviving with a flat line plateau or did you have at least by 10-15% growth over last year?

Social Media – A Dentist’s Friend!

Ease traffic to your website with SEO and social media.

Whether you consider social media to be an annoyance or an excellent marketing tool, it is a definitely a necessity for all small businesses – dental practices included. But why has social media become so important and what can it do for your practice? The answer is quite multifaceted.

Almost all organizations have some basic level of a social media presence, without it, there’s the high chance you’ll get left behind. It also allows patients to see the more human side of a small business, and a chance for them to get to know the practice further. Additionally, word-of-mouth is not contained to your local area anymore, social media has allowed customers reviews and comments to ‘go digital.’ Last but not least, it is a cost-effective marketing tool that also helps with something called ‘search engine optimization’ where Google and other search engines rank you higher on their respective sites.

This list below is by no means exhaustive, they are just some of the few key reasons social media is important and how it can benefit a dental practice. Now that we understand the ‘why,’ what about the ‘how?’ How can we use social media effectively to drive new patients and encourage repeat patients to visit my dental practice? Below are Bitebank’s top 5 tips for using Social Media:

  1. Post engaging content on various platforms on a regular basis (schedule it)
  2. Have offers and contests exclusive to social media
  3. Post pictures! Social media is all about visuals
  4. Share and comment on other’s content you are following to promote interaction
  5. Integrate with your practice website – make sure there are clear links between the two