The Power Of Moms And The Internet

Why your practice must have an online presence…


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North America is comprised of a total of 93 million mothers of all ages and life stages. Forty million of those mothers have children under the age of 18 years old.

This translates to 42% of all Canadian mothers and 43% of all American mothers who are an average age of 36 years old and are shown to be a major force in the household and family decisions about healthcare.

90% of Moms are on line versus 76% of women in general that translates to 18.3 million Internet moms using search engines, social media and video.

•    89% of household moms use the Internet at least twice a day.
•    86% rely on search engines to find Web information.


“Sit Or Stand?”.. Dentistry Beware!!

The newest health risk factor…

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Lengthy periods of “Sitting” has joined the list of major risk factors that lead to chronic disease, cardiovascular problems, cancer, obesity and premature death.

If you sit without movement for more than 6 hours a day, your risk of heart disease increases up to 64% and twice as likely to have cardiovascular problems then people who stand. Sitting makes you more prone to cancer, per the National Cancer Institute, and shuts down the electrical energy in your legs. Obesity occurs with calorie burning reduction to 1 per minute and enzymes that break down fat reduce by 90% with good cholesterol dropping by 20 percent.

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