How To Manage a Victim

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June 23, 2014 | Posted in Tuesdays With Transitions | Be the first one to comment.

Now that we know what a VICTIM is, let’s discuss how to work, live and deal with a person who is negative, a complainer, blamer and who feels no responsibility for their impact on others.  The key with victims is to not join their misery but support them with solving their own problems and seeing the positive aspects of people, events, situations and problems.The  most proactive and efficient way to manage victims is to make sure that when they perform well or go above and beyond offer a sincere, specific acknowledgment and compliment and tell them that you value their contributions.   If they seem overwhelmed, offer reassurance about your confidence in them and ENCOURAGE their ability to stretch.  Resist doing it for them or fixing it as this will fuel the “poor me” attitude. If that doesn’t work, try some of Transitions coaching suggestions below to manage VICTIMS.


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