Why A Treatment Coordinator?

The role that is significantly impacting North American dental practices.


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The role of a Treatment Coordinator is a job description that is having significant impact throughout North American dental practices. Practices that have a dedicated Treatment Coordinator are experiencing a 15-20% increase in case acceptance.
The role of a Treatment Coordinator is significant in showing value to the patient, in the administrative area, as a check-out choice in a private environment with the patient, to translate the clinical terms into lay terms.   

This helps the patient connect the treatment plan to their life, and review the benefits and consequences which drives patient acceptance of financial arrangements and scheduling.  

Today’s patient is much more sophisticated regarding how much they know about dentistry and how they make decisions about their dental health.  The number one reason patients say ‘NO’ to dentistry is lack of perceived value.  They don’t see the need because they don’t own the problem or they don’t see the need as all is ok for now, or they are unaware of prevention as opposed to repair. 


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