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Patient-Driven Practice Test, Part 2

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For each characteristic, rate the extent to which the statement is true about your practice, using this scale.

1 – Not at all
2 – To a small extent
3 – To a moderate extent
4 – To a great extent
5 – To a very great extent

Then add up the scores for each cluster in the space entitled Your Score.  Next, calculate your percentage rating by dividing your score by the highest possible score.

Using and Communicating Patient Information  

1.  We know how our patients define “quality”.
2.  We provide opportunities for employees at various levels and functions to meet with patients.
3.  We clearly understand what our patients expect of our organization.
4.  We regularly give information to patients that helps shape realistic expectations.
5.  Our administrative team clearly understand our patient’s requirements.
6.  Within the organization, there is agreement about who our “real customer” is.
7.  Everyone in the office has frequent contact with our patients.

Your Score Divided by a possible 35 %

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