The difference that makes a difference…

March 10, 2015 | Posted in Tuesdays With Transitions | Be the first one to comment


We can all get tripped up here if we miss the difference between doing everything that we know and doing whatever it takes.

Let’s say we intend to produce a specific result.  In your heart, you know that you’re committed.   You do everything you know how to do, but the result does not occur.

What this means is that everything you know is not what it takes to produce this result and true commitment, without progress, means it is time for support, coaching, or training.

In the realm of commitment, there is no grey; there is 100% or nothing.  If I claim to be 90% committed, what lives in the 10%, that I hold back, is all of my potential excuses and the back doors I leave open for non-performance.

World class players and teams know that commitment begins with speaking and ends with results.

If I set out to “try” to accomplish a goal or “maybe” do something, there is not much chance of it being accomplished.

    •    When I am clear about my commitment, I am action-oriented.

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