Intra Oral Camera Experience

Making the patient experience larger than life…

March 31, 2015 | Posted in Tuesdays With Transitions | Be the first one to comment


The expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words” says it all when speaking of the benefits of using the intra oral camera to increase production for today’s dental practice.

When a patient sees the larger than life images of their teeth, and/or tissue projected onto the computer screen, the intra oral camera becomes a tool for adding value to the patient experience through co-discovery and gaining the trust that we, as dental professionals, seek in order for the patient to accept our diagnosis and subsequent treatment plan.

When dealing with human nature, the key to success in any situation is for the person to own their problem (i.e. their diagnosis).  It is imperative that the intra oral camera is implemented at every dental appointment to enroll and engage the patient in their appointment and their treatment plan.


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