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Prompting the Doctor

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As we discussed last week, “Prompting the Dr.” is a concrete, routine way for a hygienist and a dentist to communicate clearly out loud in front of the patient.  It allows the dentist to maintain uniqueness of diagnosis and treatment plans while receiving patient information in the same way and order every time.

The prompting system begins when the Dr. enters the hygiene operatory.  Be sure to state the patient’s name, so the dentist can be reminded of who is sitting in the chair.  Once gloves are on, begin with the first step of prompting: personal information review.  Relay something personal that the patient shared or disclosed about their family, occupation or what they do for recreation.  This eases the approach and builds immediate connection between the dentist and patient.

e.g:. Dr., Mrs. Smith just returned from a two-week vacation in Mexico

Next, is the second step of prompting, which is a Medical History Review.  Provide a general medical health statement that encompasses a review of the patient overall wellness and medical concerns.  Areas to cover may include information such as medications, systemic diseases, risk factors or hospitalization.

e.g:. “Since Mrs. Smith’s has developed early onset diabetes that she controls with diet.  No other changes noted.


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