What is Right for Your Practice Growth?

So many choices…


April 07, 2015 | Posted Tuesdays With Transitions | Be the first one to comment.

Dentistry is changing at an alarming rate in regards to providers, consolidation, influence of the dental team, patient retention/ loyalty changes, the power of the mother in health care and the national plateau of financial growth

The role of insurance benefits and fee guides, combined with high competition in urban centers, drives dental services to be commoditized while the patient’s out of pocket spending brings the demand for a higher level of service.

This is a lot to manage on your own and now is the time to find, choose, maximize and partner with the multitude of options available to overcome all challenges posed to dentistry.  Seeking out and hiring experts to support your practice and avoid becoming complacent is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of courage and strength.

The choices of resources available come in many different modes and each choice has it’s pros and cons which need to be considered by the parties involved.


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