The Waiting Room’s Potential

The Waiting Room or reception area is often a space we overlook for its importance and potential.  Using it to your practice’s advantage is key in maintaining patient satisfaction. Ensuring the right patient experience, in fact, will determine how many of your patients will return and how they will feel about your practice. It will directly influence how patients share their experience with others by word of mouth and social media. A waiting room not only conveys professionalism and preparation but also your commitment to the patient.

In order to optimize the way in which your waiting room works for you there are several points to consider. The waiting room should not feel constrictive, stuffy, old, or dark. A well lit, spacious and comfortable room is less likely to increase anxiety or impatience. This can be achieved in the colors you use to decorate your waiting room, the way in which chairs are arranged, the amount of light that comes into the room and having enough material to engage, entertain and inform the patient – more than just stuffy, old magazines.

You should make sure that the patient has these things to rely on, particularly if waiting times get extended on busy days. Amenities like WiFi, drinking water, decorations and pertinent information will go a long way in keeping the patient at ease and engaged.

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