The Importance of a Google Business Page for a Dental Office

Make no mistake about it: having a Google Business page (or a Google My Business page) is critical – essential – to your practice. In order to stay competitive and visible to your potential clients, particularly those in your immediate area, you need to use the free tool the tech giant provides to get onto its massive network of information. Any strategy based around search engines and social media – online advertising – has to be aligned with the most relied on source for information at people’s hand. In simple terms, you cannot afford to ignore your listing on Google, the control of its page, and its management on the maps, advertizing and indexing system.

By activating and organizing your Google Business page you take control of your listing, preventing others from making edits on it, claiming it for themselves or placing the wrong information on it.

Having a Business page feeds not only into other Google networks but, more importantly into maps. By making sure you are listed accurately you can control how quickly people can find you and even how well your practice places on search listings.

In taking control of the listing you are capitalizing on a critical opportunity to display your brand, logo and name. Making sure that the pictures and information available is all up to date and in high definition is key to your success.

The page also allows you to show your customer reviews – and you should certainly encourage your satisfied customers and supporters to contribute to these same reviews. This will have a definite effect on how many patients come in the door.

This is because taking control of the business page assures that your are in the interconnected google networks – people will find you whether they are at home or on the go, and will be more likely to see your ads if you have a campaign. This is, furthermore, critical for any SEO and SEM campaign, something you should never ignore as a part of a broader advertizing strategy.

More exposure is likely when you provide up to date details, when you are actively feeding information, reviews and references to your practice into the Google network.

Ultimately, you will catch people who do not go beyond the initial results shown in the influential search engine’s results. Without, unfortunately, your practice will not register in the first page of results.

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