Survive or Thrive?

The choice is yours!!

January is the time of year to ask the following question about year over year status. Are you on a decline that won’t seem to stop? Is the practice surviving with a flat line plateau or did you have at least by 10-15% growth over last year?

Social Media – A Dentist’s Friend!

Ease traffic to your website with SEO and social media.

Whether you consider social media to be an annoyance or an excellent marketing tool, it is a definitely a necessity for all small businesses – dental practices included. But why has social media become so important and what can it do for your practice? The answer is quite multifaceted.

Almost all organizations have some basic level of a social media presence, without it, there’s the high chance you’ll get left behind. It also allows patients to see the more human side of a small business, and a chance for them to get to know the practice further. Additionally, word-of-mouth is not contained to your local area anymore, social media has allowed customers reviews and comments to ‘go digital.’ Last but not least, it is a cost-effective marketing tool that also helps with something called ‘search engine optimization’ where Google and other search engines rank you higher on their respective sites.

This list below is by no means exhaustive, they are just some of the few key reasons social media is important and how it can benefit a dental practice. Now that we understand the ‘why,’ what about the ‘how?’ How can we use social media effectively to drive new patients and encourage repeat patients to visit my dental practice? Below are Bitebank’s top 5 tips for using Social Media:

  1. Post engaging content on various platforms on a regular basis (schedule it)
  2. Have offers and contests exclusive to social media
  3. Post pictures! Social media is all about visuals
  4. Share and comment on other’s content you are following to promote interaction
  5. Integrate with your practice website – make sure there are clear links between the two

Mobile Sites

With the majority of the population using mobile devices for internet shopping, email and apps, your dental practice having needs to have an online presence! In the Master Plan, Bitebank offers a mobile site that automatically updates your content from your website. *also available in the Custom Plan

With a population that thrives on the latest technology, your online presence must keep up with trends, and technological changes. Your market determines the demand for such changes, by providing them with an easy to use mobile site, you can capture their user patterns that much quicker.

Our location page on the mobile site allows your patients to quickly locate your practice, call or email you for appointment request and relay relevant content about your practice quickly. For patients on the go, this feature makes it more handy for them to reach your practice faster.

The mobile site has the option to view your full site as well. This will help patients who are interested in learning more about your practice to view all the pages available on your website.

And if you want more than just the three standard pages available for content on your built in mobile site, you can contact our support team to quote out additional pages of your site being added to your mobile site.

Add mobile sites to your print or online advertising and social networking. It will be a sure seller to let your patients know you are on top of technology and constantly adapting their needs.

For the dental practice on the go, download our Bitebank Websites iPhone app at the iTunes store for FREE. Just another useful feature from Bitebank Websites.

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Please Help Donate to Japan’s Earthquake Victims

On Friday, March 11th, a tragic 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami decimated the northeastern side of Japan.  Along with shortages of food, water and warm clothing, many families have lost their loved ones, their homes, their possessions, and are now faced with the calamitous after effects of radiation from nuclear facilities that are failing.

Japan requires the aid of our global community to help provide health care, fresh clean water, warm clothing, food and

Bitebank Websites Alert: Domain Registry of Canada Scam

Domain Registry of Canada- Official Looking Letter to Mislead Customers

Bitebank Websites Customer Alert

It has come to our attention that some Bitebank Website customers have received a letter from the Domain Registry of Canada (, asking them to renew their domain names. Although this document may look official, it is not.  We urge you to ignore all correspondence from this company.