The Importance of a Google Business Page for a Dental Office

Make no mistake about it: having a Google Business page (or a Google My Business page) is critical – essential – to your practice. In order to stay competitive and visible to your potential clients, particularly those in your immediate area, you need to use the free tool the tech giant provides to get onto its massive network of information. Any strategy based around search engines and social media – online advertising – has to be aligned with the most relied on source for information at people’s hand. In simple terms, you cannot afford to ignore your listing on Google, the control of its page, and its management on the maps, advertizing and indexing system.

By activating and organizing your Google Business page you take control of your listing, preventing others from making edits on it, claiming it for themselves or placing the wrong information on it.

Having a Business page feeds not only into other Google networks but, more importantly into maps. By making sure you are listed accurately you can control how quickly people can find you and even how well your practice places on search listings.

In taking control of the listing you are capitalizing on a critical opportunity to display your brand, logo and name. Making sure that the pictures and information available is all up to date and in high definition is key to your success.

The page also allows you to show your customer reviews – and you should certainly encourage your satisfied customers and supporters to contribute to these same reviews. This will have a definite effect on how many patients come in the door.

This is because taking control of the business page assures that your are in the interconnected google networks – people will find you whether they are at home or on the go, and will be more likely to see your ads if you have a campaign. This is, furthermore, critical for any SEO and SEM campaign, something you should never ignore as a part of a broader advertizing strategy.

More exposure is likely when you provide up to date details, when you are actively feeding information, reviews and references to your practice into the Google network.

Ultimately, you will catch people who do not go beyond the initial results shown in the influential search engine’s results. Without, unfortunately, your practice will not register in the first page of results.


The factor that impacts our decisions, actions and outcomes

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Perception drives our frame of reference for almost all of the decisions, events, people, situations, etc., that we encounter every day.  The frame in which we SEE, FEEL and ACT is based on our choice of how we respond to internal and external stimuli.  1% of life is what happens to us, 99% is how we choose to respond.  Read one of my favourite stories below which shows the type of perception that fuels the spirit.    Read More Here 

What is your baseline Capacity?

What Is Your Baseline Capacity?

March 03, 2014 | Posted Tuesdays With Transitions 

Metrics of Success…

Of the five key elements of every successful dental practice – team, revenue, patients, expenses and capacity — the last one is by far the least understood.

Capacity is all about numbers: what combination of dental providers,patients, operatories and scheduled hours is optimal to generate production, billing . . . and, of course, great dental health for everyone who
walks through your door. Let’s examine them one by one.

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5 Ways To Increase Collections NOW..

5 Ways To Increase Collections NOW..

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Take charge of Your Dental Practice Financial Sustainability

Dental practice financial sustainability is inevitably dependent on how much money is deposited in the bank via Collections. If collections have decreased as a percent of production, then cash flow suffers.  This means there is an immediate need for change in how and when you collect. What can be changed?

1. Designated Financial Coordinator
If everyone is responsible for collections, then no one is accountable.  Assign, hire or train a key designated administrative team member to be accountable for operational collections of financial arrangements, insurance claims, accounts receivable, statements and making goals for progress in the project to collect old debt.

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What Causes Declining Collections?

If they are not improving or growing, then NOW is the time to respond..
Dental Practice Financial health begins with Production; the codes and fees billed for
dental and hygiene procedures performed on the patients by a provider.

Collection: the deposit of monies owed for the treatment in a timely manner or via an
outside financial partner.

Profit: is what is left over after all the fixed and variable costs are paid for the
business. The 35-45% cash flow supports the owner’s lifestyle while continually adding to
maximum value for future practice and career choices.

Common CAUSES Of Dental Practice Plateau

Do you have declined practice finances?

Dental Practice Financial health begins with Production; the codes and fees billed for dental and hygiene procedures which are performed on the patients by a provider.

Collection is the deposit of monies owed for the treatment in a timely manner or via an outside financial partner.

Profit is what is left over after all the fixed and variable costs are paid for the business.  This 35-45% cash flow supports the owner lifestyle, while continually adding to maximum value for future practice and career choices.

If the production is not growing, then NOW is the time to respond and act soon.  It is proven that if the practice remains stagnant with no growth and flat-lining plateaus are left unattended (ignored or denied), it is absolute that the practice will eventually have a rapid decline. Once these numbers start spiraling downward, they are difficult to stop or redirect.

ASK yourself the questions below about your practice and then CONNECT and identify the common CAUSES that we have seen from our experience at Transitions Group North America with thousands of clients.

Questions related to Production and Collections:

*    When was the last time you reviewed/updated your fees?
*    What feedback have you heard from patients when you adjust your fees?


Survive or Thrive?

The choice is yours!!

January is the time of year to ask the following question about year over year status. Are you on a decline that won’t seem to stop? Is the practice surviving with a flat line plateau or did you have at least by 10-15% growth over last year?

Social Media – A Dentist’s Friend!

Ease traffic to your website with SEO and social media.

Whether you consider social media to be an annoyance or an excellent marketing tool, it is a definitely a necessity for all small businesses – dental practices included. But why has social media become so important and what can it do for your practice? The answer is quite multifaceted.

Almost all organizations have some basic level of a social media presence, without it, there’s the high chance you’ll get left behind. It also allows patients to see the more human side of a small business, and a chance for them to get to know the practice further. Additionally, word-of-mouth is not contained to your local area anymore, social media has allowed customers reviews and comments to ‘go digital.’ Last but not least, it is a cost-effective marketing tool that also helps with something called ‘search engine optimization’ where Google and other search engines rank you higher on their respective sites.

This list below is by no means exhaustive, they are just some of the few key reasons social media is important and how it can benefit a dental practice. Now that we understand the ‘why,’ what about the ‘how?’ How can we use social media effectively to drive new patients and encourage repeat patients to visit my dental practice? Below are Bitebank’s top 5 tips for using Social Media:

  1. Post engaging content on various platforms on a regular basis (schedule it)
  2. Have offers and contests exclusive to social media
  3. Post pictures! Social media is all about visuals
  4. Share and comment on other’s content you are following to promote interaction
  5. Integrate with your practice website – make sure there are clear links between the two

Is Your Dental Website Reflective of Today’s Technology?


Dental Websites

If you are reading this blog chances are you are asking yourself that very question, whether your dental website is up to date with today’s latest trends and technology or not? Here are a few things which you should look for:

  • Does your dental website support mobile devices?
  • Does your website have a modern design?
  • Is there an extensive library for patient education?
  • Is your website search-engine friendly?
  • Can potential and existing clients easily contact you?

We know design and feature changes can require a lot of time and cost a hefty amount when working with a web development and/or design company. Content Management Systems (CMS) allows users to edit, modify and publish content and designs on a user-friendly interface whenever they choose.

Overall, current designs and related features speak volumes to current and potential patients, particularly when they are browsing for a new dental clinic.

Drive Traffic to Your Dental Website



It has become harder to ignore the move to the digital world, but how do you ensure you’re found online? Studies show that 77% of North Americans use the internet [1] and 93% of those experiences start with a search engine like Google®, Bing™ or Yahoo®.[2]

Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can help attract new and previous patients to your practice. The term SEO is often thrown around, but what does SEO really mean? “Search engine optimization helps you achieve top ranking results across popular search engines.” This involves optimizing the volume and quality of organic traffic driven to your website. Organic traffic includes all those who visit your site from unpaid natural search engine results.

Every major search engine crawls websites and indexes them based upon over 100+ different factors. All in all, the more optimized your website is, the higher you will rank organically on search engines to attract more patients!

Contact us today to speak to one of our SEO specialists to see whether SEO is right for you.