Tips for Building a Successful Dental Website


Today, dentist knows the importance of having a website for marketing purposes to attract new patients (Read The Importance of a Web Presence for Dentists). The old method of promoting your practice in the phone book is a tactic from the past. Creating a website that is easy to navigate and positively reflects your brand is a daunting task. The following points can assist you in developing the perfect dental website:

1. Introduction: A biography allows you to introduce yourself to prospective patients by listing your accreditations,

Bitebank Websites Launches Video Blogging!

Just when you thought, “How can the Bitebank application get any better?”, out comes the Video upload feature that makes creating engaging dental content for your website or dental blog a process that is simple and fun!

That interesting oral health report that you saw on YouTube, the explanation of an often repeated complex procedure that you created with your HD video camera, or that professionally produced ‘Introduction to the Practice’ video can now easily be shared with existing and prospective new patients on your Bitebank Website. Easy to upload and

Henry Schein Canada’s National Sales Conference 2011

March 4, 2011, Bitebank Websites was invited to participate in Henry Schein Canada’s National Sales Conference in Toronto. Also in attendance were some 40 vendors and over 200 sales and management members.

The objective for the Sales Conference was for vendors to introduce their newest, most innovative products, and to gain front line feedback from Henry Schein’s sales force in regards to which products they were MOST excited about!