Survive or Thrive?

The choice is yours!!

January is the time of year to ask the following question about year over year status. Are you on a decline that won’t seem to stop? Is the practice surviving with a flat line plateau or did you have at least by 10-15% growth over last year?

Social Media – A Dentist’s Friend!

Ease traffic to your website with SEO and social media.

Whether you consider social media to be an annoyance or an excellent marketing tool, it is a definitely a necessity for all small businesses – dental practices included. But why has social media become so important and what can it do for your practice? The answer is quite multifaceted.

Almost all organizations have some basic level of a social media presence, without it, there’s the high chance you’ll get left behind. It also allows patients to see the more human side of a small business, and a chance for them to get to know the practice further. Additionally, word-of-mouth is not contained to your local area anymore, social media has allowed customers reviews and comments to ‘go digital.’ Last but not least, it is a cost-effective marketing tool that also helps with something called ‘search engine optimization’ where Google and other search engines rank you higher on their respective sites.

This list below is by no means exhaustive, they are just some of the few key reasons social media is important and how it can benefit a dental practice. Now that we understand the ‘why,’ what about the ‘how?’ How can we use social media effectively to drive new patients and encourage repeat patients to visit my dental practice? Below are Bitebank’s top 5 tips for using Social Media:

  1. Post engaging content on various platforms on a regular basis (schedule it)
  2. Have offers and contests exclusive to social media
  3. Post pictures! Social media is all about visuals
  4. Share and comment on other’s content you are following to promote interaction
  5. Integrate with your practice website – make sure there are clear links between the two

Is Your Dental Website Reflective of Today’s Technology?


Dental Websites

If you are reading this blog chances are you are asking yourself that very question, whether your dental website is up to date with today’s latest trends and technology or not? Here are a few things which you should look for:

  • Does your dental website support mobile devices?
  • Does your website have a modern design?
  • Is there an extensive library for patient education?
  • Is your website search-engine friendly?
  • Can potential and existing clients easily contact you?

We know design and feature changes can require a lot of time and cost a hefty amount when working with a web development and/or design company. Content Management Systems (CMS) allows users to edit, modify and publish content and designs on a user-friendly interface whenever they choose.

Overall, current designs and related features speak volumes to current and potential patients, particularly when they are browsing for a new dental clinic.

The iPad™…Dentistry’s Next Great Tech Tool

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world of dentistry, a desktop computer or paper patient chart aren’t always accessible when you need to review patient information moving from room to room, nor is it the most aseptic of means to maintain patient records. Aside from the ‘wow!’ factor that the Apple™ iPad™ provides, the device has loads of potential to facilitate current best office practices.

New Device to Cancel the Noise of the Dental Drill

Researchers at King’s College London, Brunel University, and London South Bank University have pioneered an invention that could remove one of the main factors in many cases of dental phobia- the noise of the drill!

The inventors have developed an innovative device which cancels out the noise of the dental drill, a development that could end the anxiety associated with many patients’ fears associated with a trip to the dentist. Its widely accepted in dental research circles that the sound of the drill is one of the prime causes of anxiety linked with dental

ProDrive Systems Performance Handpiece

The last 10 years has seen the standard of care in dentistry elevated with many technological innovations, from rotary instrumentation and microscopy in endodontics to digital impressions and Cerec in restorative dentistry. However, the one area that has remained effectively the same has been the air turbine high speed hand piece….until now! The high speed hand piece is one of the most important of tools to the restorative dentist that has now seen a major technical breakthrough in the turbine and bur locking system proven to improve the performance of your high-